jueves, 7 de abril de 2011

Fara Party Design en: Martha Stewart Dreamers into Doers

This is super excited for me! One of my photos of the Vintage PARIS Collection photo shooting is in the Home page of Dreamers into Doers of Martha Stewart !! Yey! As you may know this is a community of great women, which make great things. All are different and talented in different ways, but with a common accomplishment, we all make our DREAM a reality! All of us are Doers, which is not an easy thing (believe me I know it for experience). Is hard to start to know who you are and become who you dream. I have been searching for myself almost thirty years, but after wanting to be a lawyer, a chef, a fashion designer or maybe a writer and after becoming an industrial engineer and a mother (the greatest challenge of all), I have finally found myself behind a curtain where I never thought I will be, but that I have always love to be. Giving joy to others and making every little detail counts so people can enjoy the celebrations of life. It may sounds silly and without sense, (I can't get out of my head Winona Ryder in a Friends TV show episode when she says: "I wanted to do something were I can really help people and make a difference... I am party planner", and we all get a great laugh). Well I am a party stylist, that is even silliest, but beside what people think, I enjoy it very much and make me very happy. I can work from my home, where I can be the greatest mom I could be and at same time I accomplish something for myself. Thanks to all the people that have help me and believe in me (even before I believe in myself). Many thanks to my great husband which have been so supportive even in the darker hours and to my two kids, which have been very patience in this new phase in which mom have to work and all her time is not for them. I feel very lucky! I am sure this is a great beginning of a great career!

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